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Online call - what is it?

Zingaya enables voice calls through any computer, right from a webpage.

Your customers call through their browser using their computer's microphone. They don't need to look up or dial , or pay for an outgoing call.
Online call - how does it work?
Simple — If your website visitors (i.e. potential customers) have any questions or issues, they can click or tap the fully-customizable "Call Online" button and will be talking to your representative immediately.
Convenient — Your visitor's web call will be instantly forwarded from your website to any landline, mobile phone, or SIP phone that you designate.
Easy — To start receiving web calls, just add the "Call Online" button to your webpage, social media page, email message, banners, etc (it's as easy as copying and pasting).
How can you get started?
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Customize your button's appearance! No coding skills required - we've created an online editor that makes the process extremely simple.
Copy your button's HTML code and paste it into your website's code.
We highly recommend putting your call button close to your phone number!
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